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Schiller's - More than just cameras

Robb Muller
October 29, 2020

For over 125 years, Schiller’s has been St. Louis’ trusted name in photography through its commitment to high quality camera sales, repairs, and knowledgeable service. However, did you know that Schiller’s is more than just cameras? Through this blog we will highlight the many services available to STL photographers through Schiller’s professional lab services, which has brought captivating shots to life for decades.

When it comes to photography and lab services, there are a number of reasons to choose a trusted name like Schiller’s over a consumer lab, including higher quality prints, a greater number of digital capabilities, and most importantly, expert guidance that can turn any regular photo into something much more extraordinary.

Schiller’s is St. Louis’ trusted name in cameras, and our experts are here to help fit the needs of anyone with a passion for photography and to preserve memories that will last forever. Take advantage of our 125 years of photography experience by utilizing our professional lab services today. While the benefits of our expertise are numerous, here are the top reasons to choose Schiller’s for all your photography needs:

1. High-Quality Prints and Mounting

When it comes to photography, taking captivating photos is only half the battle. Once a memory is captured, it must then be developed into a photo that can be displayed for all to see. That’s where Schiller’s professional lab services come in. Through 125 years of experience, we have built a reputation to produce the highest quality prints in St. Louis. From high-quality traditional prints to canvas printing, we’ve got you covered.

The capabilities of our professional lab allows us to do much more than developing high quality shots, our professionals can print photos in any size, including posters, banners, and much more!

Additionally, once a print is developed, our professional staff members specialize in high-quality laminating and mounting, allowing for the ultimate display of those cherished memories in your home, office, or anywhere that you want to show off your photography skills.

Choose our team of professionals to produce higher-quality photos that will take your breath away. In most cases, our team can develop photos within a day, and we always return your negatives, so you never have to worry about them falling into the wrong hands. With help from Schiller’s, you can be sure that every print is a perfect representation of your photos – preserved in time forever.

2. Restoration, Retouching, & Digital Artwork

Every family has old photos, they may reside in albums, rarely looked at and hidden away on shelves collecting dust or maybe in boxes, hidden from damaging light and the eyes of family members. Schiller’s professional lab services are here to bring those old family memories to life with our digital restoration, retouching, and digital production capabilities.

For decades, our team of highly trained professionals have brought old photos to life utilizing the new technologies that have become available throughout the years. This allows us to overcome the effects of time and preserve precious memories for generations to come. Not only can you restore original prints to high quality new prints, but you can also receive digital files that can be used anywhere and even shared on social media networks with family and friends.

Our digital restoration services are of the highest quality, which you won’t find anywhere else in St. Louis, especially at consumer photo centers. Take full advantage of the trusted, local professionals and bring your memories into the age of technology with help from Schiller’s.

3. Tape Transfers & Digital Remastering

Just like your old photos and prints, many families have their memories forever captured in the form of home movies, which allow people to take a walk down memory lane. However, as technology grew into the digital age, not all of these home movie formats continued to be accessible.

Many old camcorders produced tapes which current entertainment standards deem obsolete and primitive. That is why Schiller’s has been helped St. Louis photographers keep their cherished memories alive for decades.

Our trusted professionals have helped bring back old home movies into the digital age with help from our expertise and advancements in technology. These advancements allow us to turn those old VHS tapes into DVDs and other digital formats and ensuring that families can continue their walks down memory lane for generations to come. For all your video tape transfer services, trust STL’s only photography store.

Conclusion: Preserve your memories with help from St. Louis’ trusted photography experts. With over 125 years in the business, our knowledge and experience are second to none. From high quality print services, to photo restoration and digital retouching, we have the capabilities to ensure your photos are displayed, shared, and stored forever. Our experts are always here to answer any and all questions you might have about cameras, accessories, and everything in between. Be sure to stop in the store or check out our website for all of your photography needs!

Meta Description: Schiller’s has been STL’s trusted name in cameras and photography for over 125 years. Ensure your memories last forever with help from our professional lab services.